Steve Civilla ( (no email) )
Tue, 24 Aug 1999 11:30:32 -0400

We are an ISP using Ascend to manage incoming Internet connections together
with Emerald and Radius. We have started experiencing an intermitant problem
with dial up users that we have not been able to solve. Every now and then,
and more frequently lately, after a customer disconnects from our network
they are not able to log back in. We use Emerald and RadiusNT, and Emerald
will still show the customer online. Problem acts like the modem does not
hang up on our end and when we manually disconnect them, they can log in as
usual. Don't know if we are experiencing a hardware problem with Ascend or
if it is Emerald or Radius so we are asking all of you. I would appreciate
any help or advice you might offer.

Using SQL 6.5, Emerald and RadiusNT together with the Ascend box.

Steve Civilla
System Manager
IBIS, Inc.

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