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Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 7 Apr 1999 10:13:26 -0400

From: Kelly Wright <>
>I have a question on the einvoice.rpt. Where does emerald look for the
>einvoice.rpt? I have it in our reports dir and I am not sure it is looking
>there for the file. Is there somewhere in Emerald I need to have the file
>located or pointed. When I test it, the email is not the same format that
>changed in my edit.

My suggestion is do delete *.rpt out of the Emerald directory and keep all
*.rpt in some other directory that's accessible via the network so all
client machines can access the same files (\\server\emerald\reports\*.rpt or
something). Make sure the shared resource name isn't longer than 8
characters (the "emerald" part in my example above)--Windows 95 (and 98?)
machines have problems with share-names longer than 8 characters and that
may cause Emerald on one of those machines to have a problem seeing the

Go into Emerald Admin, click on Client, then Reports.
Directory: \\server\emerald\reports (whatever)
DON'T check "Force Client to only use Global Reports" -- to the best of my
knowledge, this still does not work as of 2.5.26something. When you check
it, it'll cause Emerald 2.5 to not be able to access any reports in that
area for some reason.

Here's a message that I wrote to the list about this problem back on

From: Josh Hillman
Subject: [Emerald] Re: Emerald 2.5.229 can't batch-print using forced global
reports path PART 2
>The problem mentioned below also affects printing from the Reports window.
>The reports display in the list like they should, but even after clicking
>one, the Display Report button is not clickable. After unchecking the
>"force client to only use Global Reports", the button is clickable (the
>physical location of the .rpt files hasn't changed).
>From: Josh Hillman
>>Emerald 2.5.229 can't print from the Batch window if Emerald Admin has
>>"force client to only use Global Reports" set. Printing invoices from the
>>Invoices window works fine.
>>If invoice.rpt exists in the Emerald directory and the above setting is
>>UNchecked, the invoices display/print without any problems.
>> Report not found: \\machine\path
>>It doesn't matter if it's a UNC path or c:\program files\Emerald. So long
>>as that check box is checked, it will produce the above error.
>>Emerald 2.5.229
>>Emerald Admin 2.5.240