Re: Routing?

Kevin Ingram ( (no email) )
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 08:23:34 -0500

In order to route properly, the router must be between two DIFFERENT
subnets. In your case, you are using server2 to route between NIC1 and NIC2,
but they are on the same subnet, so it will not route. You need to either
put them all into the same network, with just one NIC in server2 and all
clients on the same net with current netmask of, or split them
into smaller subnets. If you split it in half, assign the first net IP's with netmask of, and the second net IP's netmask as well. Keep in mind on each
subnet the first and last IP's are not usable, in example above the second
net cannot use IP's or .255

Kevin Ingram

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Date: Saturday, July 25, 1998 5:48 AM
Subject: Re: Routing?

>They are all netmask (203.29.98 is a class C), Server 1
>( is connected to the net via an ISDN TA. Aside from the net
>connection, on the internal network can't ping,
>(NIC 2 on Server 2) but CAN ping (NIC 1 on Server 2) RRAS is
>not installed on any of the PCs.
>Dan Waldron
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>Date: Saturday, 25 July 1998 20:14
>Subject: Re: Routing?
>>What are the netmasks for each network?
>>Which machine is connected to the Internet and how?
>>Are you running RRAS on these servers?
>>Kevin Ingram
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>>Date: Saturday, July 25, 1998 2:23 AM
>>Subject: Routing?
>>>Good evening everyone, whereever you may be. I have a little scenario I
>>>would like you to consider. It's two networks linked together through a
>>>server that is not directly connected to the net. Here is the topology:
>>>Internet -> Server 1: -> Server 2 (NIC 1): ->
>>>2 (NIC 2): -> Client 1:
>>>Server 1 can see Server 2 (NIC1) OK but can't see Server 2 (NIC 2). As a
>>>result, Client 1 will not be able to see the Internet (I assume). Another
>>>Client (Client 2) - ( which is part of the network that
>>>and Server 2 (NIC 1) can still see the net OK but can't see Server 2 (NIC
>>>I assume this is a routing thing. What do I have to do, and on which
>>>machine, to get the network running correctly?
>>>Any assistance appreciated.
>>>Dan Waldron
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