is this feasible ?

Mark DeWar ( )
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 10:46:58 -0400

We took a direct lighting strike (florida is so wonderful at times) and some
equipment will have to be replaced.
Since I have to replace equipment was thinking of doing the following.
Would it be worth it or not ?

Moving all my computones and cisco2511 to rj45 with transceivers. and
putting them into a 10hub.

moving my computers that we use for mail,web,dns&radius to 10/100 cards and
plug them into a 100hub and put the hub into a 10/100 switch.

and putting the 10hub into the 10/100 switch.

it looks like the strike traveled thru the bnc as two hubs were blown. and
this way one bad nic or cable section won't bring down the whole thing.