Dan Waldron ( (no email) )
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 17:20:46 +1000

Good evening everyone, whereever you may be. I have a little scenario I
would like you to consider. It's two networks linked together through a
server that is not directly connected to the net. Here is the topology:

Internet -> Server 1: -> Server 2 (NIC 1): -> Server
2 (NIC 2): -> Client 1:

Server 1 can see Server 2 (NIC1) OK but can't see Server 2 (NIC 2). As a
result, Client 1 will not be able to see the Internet (I assume). Another
Client (Client 2) - ( which is part of the network that Server 1
and Server 2 (NIC 1) can still see the net OK but can't see Server 2 (NIC

I assume this is a routing thing. What do I have to do, and on which
machine, to get the network running correctly?

Any assistance appreciated.


Dan Waldron
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