Re: Reports

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 14:29:21 -0800

David Khoury wrote:
> OK Dale ... tried this, but I'm still getting "No report found". Also,
> there is no def_rec.rpt file in the Emerald directory. The complete list of
> rpt files is:
> account.rpt
> call_sum.rpt
> defrev.rpt
> Fields.rpt
> invcc.rpt
> invoice.rpt

Not all the reports are included.

> Even downloaded all the reports from
> and put them in my emerald directory. Still not finding them.

Which specific reports are you not finding?

> Actually, I lie. The "Deferred Revenue" report kind of works. It comes
> back with an error saying "PG32.DLL cannot be found ...", then goes on to
> say that "Database field has not been deleted: MasterAccounts.FirstName use
> count=0" (and same with MasterAccounts.Lastname and .Company), then finally
> says "Unable to load Report". Tried locating PG32.DLL ... it's nowhere on
> the hard drive.

The def_rev.rpt on the the ftp site does not have the graph in it
and shouldn't give you the pg32.dll error.

> Oh, I'm using 2.0.75 if that's any help.

Reports work much better with 2.0.84 or higher. It will show
the explicit path of where it is trying to find the report to
aid in problem resolution.

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