David Khoury ( )
Tue, 04 Mar 1997 12:44:27 +1000

I'm having problems trying to run the Emerald Reports ... so I checked
through my history of Emerald Maillist mail and found this:

At 01:46 12/02/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Erik Lundby wrote:
>> When i try to print an mbr, it says Print Account and Sub Accounts? I say
>> yes. It says report not found. For all emerald reports, it says report
>> not found. For custom reports that I set up in emeradmin, reports work.
>> But reports under the emerald tab do not. e.g. Def_rev works under custom
>> but not under Emerald.
>The problem with this is that Emerald wasn't using the DB path
>correctly. If you select file...Preferences, and then put
>JUST the report name in there (account.rpt, invoices.rpt and invcc.rpt)
>then it will work. def_rec.rpt should be in your Emerald directory,
>and you should have the one off the FTP site in the /emerald/reports
>Dale E. Reed Jr. (

OK Dale ... tried this, but I'm still getting "No report found". Also,
there is no def_rec.rpt file in the Emerald directory. The complete list of
rpt files is:

Even downloaded all the reports from
and put them in my emerald directory. Still not finding them.

Actually, I lie. The "Deferred Revenue" report kind of works. It comes
back with an error saying "PG32.DLL cannot be found ...", then goes on to
say that "Database field has not been deleted: MasterAccounts.FirstName use
count=0" (and same with MasterAccounts.Lastname and .Company), then finally
says "Unable to load Report". Tried locating PG32.DLL ... it's nowhere on
the hard drive.

Oh, I'm using 2.0.75 if that's any help.

I have to admit ... this one's got me stumped.

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