Re: [RadiusNT] I'm sure you've heard this before...

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Steven Greenwalt Jr. (
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 14:37:59 -0600

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Subject: Re: [RadiusNT] I'm sure you've heard this before...
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 14:37:59 -0600

Answer to number 3: Is build an access list on the 3661.
I 'm using a 3661 here also but not for NAS.

I have a question for you on the SQL. What are you using on the front end to
load your users into the database?


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Subject: [RadiusNT] I'm sure you've heard this before...

> Hello everyone long time no see! Just bought ourselves RNT3!!! Long
> time users of 2.5. Anyways here go the most likely stupid and repetitive
> questions...
> 1. I have RNT3 installed on WIN2K w/ SQL2K this should work fine right?!?
> 2. I have Cisco 3661 Access Routers filled with NM-16AM integrated analog
> modem modules. Anyone have any idea of the OID for these things so
> I can implement concurrency control checking?!? I don't want anyone
> getting and authentication rejection because RNT3 thinks they are on
> line when they are not.
> 3. I'm sure this has been asked a gazillion times... Okay... I want to
> a single username & password pair with my above configuration that
> is limited to only seeing one single IP on the Internet. I used to have
> PM-2E's and we had to make in/out filters associated with a user
> in our radius to achieve this. Is there an easier way to do it with
> I have no intent to limit logins, use, or session time of this account
> even keep track this account.
> I only need it limit the user to seeing only my web servers IP(which
> happens to be my DNS & Radius server also).
> Thank You Much,
> From everyone at Venturecom!
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