Re: [NTISP] Post.Office and program delivery

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:52:01 -0700

Richard Fink wrote:
> As a LONG time 3.5x User of P.O, since original 1.0 days, I'll tell you one complaint I have- the total lack of "interface" to do things with PO Administration and email in PO user mailboxes.
> I want to write Perl to setup new user mail accounts, change them, delete them, add local domains,... But PO does nothing to make this available to me, much less provide some framework perl examples. The end result is that thought PO is a completely easy to run mail server, it is not adaptable to user implemented automation. We are tied to the human based web interface.
> Am I wrong here ?? Is there a place to get info and samples of ding Admin functions via Perl ? God knows, I won't EVER get a response from support on this one...

AFAIK, you are completely right and that is the sole reason why we
can not recommend Post.Office to Emerald customers. It just doesn't
have any APIs or was to automate things like all the other packages,
that are 1/2 the price of it. Thats sad to say, since Post.Office was
the first that we supported for added (via that clunky mail interface
that they broke on every new major release). :(

I recommend looking at Mailsite, IMail, NTMail, VOPMail, etc. They
are all well-written mail servers that have great API support, and
you can usually get a response from their support group.


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