[NTISP] Post.Office and program delivery

Will LaSala ( will@greennet.net )
Fri, 15 Oct 1999 17:13:15 -0400

Hi all,
We're considering writing a C++ program to handle incoming emails to our
technical support people.
Each email would auto-'magically' be entered into emerald's incident section
provided it could find a matching user name or email address, if it couldn't
the email would be put into our General incidents box. This would allow for
our tech support guys to only have to check one place for all the different
It sounds great, HUH? Problem is we'd have to start from scrach.

I was wondering if anyone had anything like this or was doing anything like
this with or with out emerald.
I would need something that would work with Post.Office's mail server or if
anyone has heard if there was anything avilible for IMail that would do the
Thanks for anything
Will ,,,=^. .^=,,,
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