Re: [NTISP] Post.Office and program delivery

Paul Wren ( (no email) )
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 14:47:39 -0700

cc'ing my response to Richard to the list.

[btw, don't start sending me your support issues... ;-) ]

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From: Richard Fink <>

>As a LONG time 3.5x User of P.O, since original 1.0 days, I'll tell
>you one complaint I have- the total lack of "interface" to do things
>with PO Administration and email in PO user mailboxes.

Luckily, you're wrong. :-)

There are a whole series of command line utilities to do all those things,
that are very simply called from Perl. Support (at least they used to) has
a bunch of sample perl for common operations.

Assuming you have a support contract, if you just ask them for the perl
sample code for the command line utilities, you should get all you need.

Or, the command line utilities should be pretty self-explanatory...they're
installed in \win32app\\cmdutils (you may notice, they're all the
same binary under different names) and each one will give help if run w/ the
parameter "-?", I think.

-- PW

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