Re: [NTISP] raid

matthew ( )
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 13:45:34 -0300

we used to use the adaptec aaa-133 raid card, it worked great other than we
had problems with one particular asus motherboard model that had a conflict
with the raid controller.

we use dell servers now that have raid installed as a factory option.

the adaptec card is great as long as you are fairly knowledgeable about
scsi troubleshooting, specifically termination type issues. if you aren't
extremely comfortable building your own system and dealing with a lot of
the peculiarities of scsi you might want to get something more factory/turnkey.


At 01:19 PM 4/23/99 -0400, you wrote:
>i am looking into getting a raid solution. haven't ever messed with it and
>looking into it.
>i got a corporate systems center (csc) catalogue and they show a 18gb disk
>array for 595.00. i have ordered from them b4 so i don't have a problem
>about that. just in what i should look for in a raid solution.
>the ad says plug in card set nt to raid 5 and go. i'm sure its not that easy
>i am looking to "protect" my mailserver,webserver and authenication/billing
>server so the 18gb is well more than enough.
>the raid comes with 5 seageate elite drives and a pci ultra scsiIII card.
>and a 250 power supply.
>sound any good ? better ? what should i be asking looking for ?