RE: [NTISP] raid

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 12:52:36 -0500

I believe that the Elite series is a low speed, 5400 RPM drive.. your
performance would suffer greatly!!!

Also..... the price is way to low for a good system... 4 gig 7200 rpm SCSI
drives are about $175 on the street... and Adaptec 2940W is about $200...

IMHO I would not buy it for my system!!

FYI... to really do RAID, you should use either a dual channel controller
with built in RAID or at least 2 controllers......

I use 3 channel AMI Raid controllers and love them.....

I suspect the SCSI controller that they are suppling is not a raid
controller, but simply a SCSI controller and they are using the built in NT
software raid...

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> i am looking into getting a raid solution. haven't ever messed with it and
> looking into it.
> i got a corporate systems center (csc) catalogue and they show a 18gb disk
> array for 595.00. i have ordered from them b4 so i don't have a problem
> about that. just in what i should look for in a raid solution.
> the ad says plug in card set nt to raid 5 and go. i'm sure its
> not that easy
> but..hoping.
> i am looking to "protect" my mailserver,webserver and
> authenication/billing
> server so the 18gb is well more than enough.
> the raid comes with 5 seageate elite drives and a pci ultra scsiIII card.
> and a 250 power supply.
> sound any good ? better ? what should i be asking looking for ?
> thanks
> md