[NTISP] raid

Mark DeWar ( inetmail@fiber-net.com )
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 13:19:01 -0400

i am looking into getting a raid solution. haven't ever messed with it and
looking into it.
i got a corporate systems center (csc) catalogue and they show a 18gb disk
array for 595.00. i have ordered from them b4 so i don't have a problem
about that. just in what i should look for in a raid solution.
the ad says plug in card set nt to raid 5 and go. i'm sure its not that easy
i am looking to "protect" my mailserver,webserver and authenication/billing
server so the 18gb is well more than enough.
the raid comes with 5 seageate elite drives and a pci ultra scsiIII card.
and a 250 power supply.

sound any good ? better ? what should i be asking looking for ?