Re: [NTISP] raid

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Fri, 23 Apr 1999 10:39:32 -0700

I personally would consider a chassis that has Dual hot swapable power and hot
swapable HDD's. Does no good to have Raid if the power supply dies on you. I
have seen and heard of that many times. Also the case I just ordered has a side
slot beside the HDD's so you can slide in extra cooling fans to keep all of
those SCSI drives temp's down. Look at the Supermicro SC801-A. It is a big
case and cost around $550. But it has all the necessary tools for a very nice
medium sized raid machine. It is ATX and built to handle the Supermicro Dual
P-II systems. I am going with Dual P-II 450's and will be running my Emerald
and my Web server on it. Anyway just some suggestions. Have a nice weekend. :)

Mark DeWar wrote:

> i am looking into getting a raid solution. haven't ever messed with it and
> looking into it.
> i got a corporate systems center (csc) catalogue and they show a 18gb disk
> array for 595.00. i have ordered from them b4 so i don't have a problem
> about that. just in what i should look for in a raid solution.
> the ad says plug in card set nt to raid 5 and go. i'm sure its not that easy
> but..hoping.
> i am looking to "protect" my mailserver,webserver and authenication/billing
> server so the 18gb is well more than enough.
> the raid comes with 5 seageate elite drives and a pci ultra scsiIII card.
> and a 250 power supply.
> sound any good ? better ? what should i be asking looking for ?
> thanks
> md