Re: [NTISP] Help with Internic

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:36:57 -0400

I just ran into this problem today, so in reply to my own reply, InterNIC /
Network Solutions no longer displays whether or not a domain is "on hold"
via whois queries. I had to call them to find out that one of our
customer's virtual domains was put on hold.


>From: Paul T Laudenslager <>
>>Is there a way to find out whether a domain is "on hold" or not using
>>It seems I no longer see this message when searching online anymore.
>From: Josh Hillman <>
>Unless they changed the whois responses in the past few weeks (I know the
>website changed), whois queries show "On hold" (if it's actually on hold)
>underneath the domain name toward the top of the whois results. You may
>need to pipe the output to "more" if your command window is small:
> whois |more