RE: [NTISP] Help with Internic

Matthew Thompson ( )
Tue, 6 Apr 1999 09:25:40 +0100

If you need help with domain registrations dont phone them - I just
tried phoning because they rejected a host registration request.

Their answerphone message tells you to visit their website for payment
enquires and starts telling you the url as 'http colon backslash'!!!! If
Internic cant get their own domain right what luck do we have?

M@t :o)

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From: Josh Hillman []
Sent: 05 April 1999 14:37
Subject: Re: [NTISP] Help with Internic

I just ran into this problem today, so in reply to my own reply,
InterNIC /
Network Solutions no longer displays whether or not a domain is "on
via whois queries. I had to call them to find out that one of our
customer's virtual domains was put on hold.


>From: Paul T Laudenslager <>
>>Is there a way to find out whether a domain is "on hold" or not using
>>It seems I no longer see this message when searching online anymore.
>From: Josh Hillman <>
>Unless they changed the whois responses in the past few weeks (I know
>website changed), whois queries show "On hold" (if it's actually on
>underneath the domain name toward the top of the whois results. You
>need to pipe the output to "more" if your command window is small:
> whois |more