Re: [RadiusNT] Weird UNIX pw behavior

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 01 Oct 1999 13:38:39 -0700

Mike Bacher wrote:
> >Can you cut/paste several lines above/below the entry here and send it
> >to me? I'm curious if there are some blank spaces or formatting or
> >something that is causing this problem for certain users and not
> >others.
> Well, I've removed a few entries in the passwd file that appear to be
> incorrectly formatted and am running under .195 beta right now and it
> *seems* to be working ok. However, under .175 it still fails once in a
> while, but what I've noticed is if the user tries a second time to auth, it
> works. The first attempt does not produce a "File Password" entry at all,
> but the second one does, and suceeds. Its almost like .175 isnt looking
> through the whole passwd file the first time (it is 8,000 lines long). Did
> you change any of the code in .195 that relates to the way RadiusNT handles
> passwd files? Is there a specific "format" RadiusNT is looking for when it
> reads a passwd file?

Its just looking for "user:password:" amd nything after the second
colon is
ignored. You must NOT have any spaces, blanks, etc in there. How are
you creating the passwd file? I know of many implementations that
over a shadow or passwd file from solair/linux and never had a problem.

AFAIK, that area hasn't been touched in a long time. The format of
the file is pretty much etched into stone from the unix side of things.


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