[RadiusNT] ServerPorts Stops Updating - Help!

Mike Minnich ( mminnich@accessvisions.com )
Fri, 1 Oct 1999 18:58:31 -0400


Recently our SQL 7.0 and RadiusNT 2.5.162 combo, which had been running
great, will occasionally quit updating the serverports table. I suspect
it is because of the db size growth - 700+ MB. There are no system
errors, or Dr. Watson errors. All looks normal, except the serverports
table. Upon a cold reboot, the server comes back up and serverports
works again.

Any clues on the cause of this? The server is a PII 450 with 256MB of
RAM and mirrored 9.1GB drives.

We back up the SQL database with Arcserve and with SQL Enterprise
Manager dump to text file. But what is the best way to maintain the db?
Shrink it with Enterprise Manager's wizard? Other tips?

Thanks for your help!


Michael G. Minnich Access Visions Corporation
Phone: 937.593.7177 x.126 Fax: 937.593.4282

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