Re: [Emerald] Texas ISP Tax

Sheryl D. Weidner ( (no email) )
Wed, 08 Sep 1999 09:04:18 -0700

As a workaround, here is something I have tested in the QA process:

Create a service whose cost is -2.06 (.0825 x 25.00). This service
should not be taxable. Other services should be taxable, and the region
your customers are in should be default taxable.

For any customer whose services are always more than $25.00, add this
service as a recurring service called something like "tax credit" to
their MBR.

The invoice will be calculated with correct tax, minus the $2.06 which
they do not have to pay based on the new tax law.

In order to calculate the tax you owe, generate a report that adds up
all of the tax columns in the invoices table, and subtract from it the
total service revenue for the "tax credit" service.

Sheryl Weidner

Eric Reeves wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Sep 1999, Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:
> > One thing I haven't been able to clarify. Is the tax "credit" (if you
> > will)
> > per service, or accumulative? For example, if you have two dialup
> > services
> > for $20 each on the same MBR, is that tax on $15, or is there no tax on
> > either (since they are both under $25)?
> >
> Yes, it is accumulative, and calculated month-to-month. An example was
> given by the Comptroller as follows:
> $24.95 ISDN Dialup Acct
> $10.00 Additional Dialup
> ------------------------
> $9.95 is the taxable amount for the given month.
> So. . You would need to be able to flag a service as either taxable, or
> non-taxable. Then at the time of generating invoices, all taxable
> services for 1 month would be added up, subtract $25 from the total, and
> if it's a positive number multiply by .0825 (at least down here in
> Houston) to determine the tax charged for a given month.
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