[Emerald] making real money

( erezler@writeme.com )
ש, 28 נובמבר 1998 07:23:32

Be honest with yourself now.
Have you made any REAL money in stock market or currency market in the
past year?
OR have there been numerous "explanations" why it didn't happen?
What's the bottom line on that?
Now, you KNOW forecasting can be done. It's kind of a hunch, isn't it?
You wouldn't be playing the game otherwise!
Not to mention that you've been listening to future forecasts for years!
Yes you have.
Oh NO??? Well, how about weather forecasts? Isn't THAT the future?
Good. Now when we've got all that straightened out, wouldn't you like to
know how it's done on the stock market? I thought you would.

What you are facing here is a very-limited-time opportunity to have this
future in your grasp.
And you can have it right about today (just read on and you'll know
Just as the weather man collects important data using many instrument,
and gets a clear picture of the weather and then can predict what it
will be tomorrow, so can I collect the relevant data and get a clear
picture of the stock or currency market, and so able to issue a forecast.
Now, imagine you could know in advance that a tornado is coming your
way? You could get away from there! Exactly.
I'll be very honest with you. I don't intend to have many clients. You
can email me now and get a 14 days free forecasting service on the
dollar vs. Swiss franc - just to evaluate.
Or, you can just forget the whole thing and go back and get swamped in
the confusion you were in. Remember, this may be your first and only
chance. Use it!

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