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Charles Tomala ( (no email) )
Tue, 3 Aug 1999 11:57:50 -0700

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Date: Tuesday, August 03, 1999 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: [Emerald] Not pro-rateing new service properly

>banghi wrote:
>> Back on 2 Aug 99 around 16:37, Dale E. Reed Jr. passed on...:
>> >
>> > Can you give some specific example of dates and amounts that are
>> > incorrect? Unless you give more details about the exact problem
>> > that you are having, its hard for us to resolve it.
>> Jeez Dale, you think you would have checked your own tech logs on
>> this. I have mentioned this to Kurt, Sheryl and Shawn on a number of
>Just to clarify something here. I am not in support. I am in R&D and
>the time I spend here is on my drive. Please lets keep this
>and leave the digs/comments out of the posts. :(

No disrespect intended (if I was dissing you, you would know), but quite
honestly I did not expect a reply from you. Again I asked Shawn on last
Friday to call me on Monday with what he had found out. I mentioned the
problem on the list in order to bring it to the attention of others users
only after no one called me as requested. If the program is not able to
bill out for services properly I think this should be made known to everyone
using the software.

>> occasions. If there are no 'specific example(s)' in your records I
>> will be more than happy to provide them. I have a customer who had
>> two services added on the first of July. That MBR was billed out
>> through the 14th of August previously. When the two services were
>> added you would think that they would have the services billed for
>> approximately a month and a half. That is not the case. Instead a $3
>> service was billed out for $.80 and the $45 service was charged out
>> for $12.
>Ok. There does seem to be a problem with Emerald under prorating
>the amount for terms two months or less. It works correctly when
>the difference between the billedthru date of the MBR is two months
>or more out from the current date. We are working on a fix for this.

I appreciate that you acknowledge this issue. I assume though that when you
get a fix for this or an upgrade there will be an announcement? <flame>Oh
wait what am I thinking, you guys _never_ announce when you have a fix for
our problems or a new version.</flame>

Listen, I do like the software, I am used to the interface and I will be
happy once the program does what we expect it to (like bill out for services
correctly). The support just leaves a bit to be desired. Others posts on
this thread seem to confirm the frustration that we have felt.

Must I say how aghast I was when I learned that our years worth of pre-paid
full tech support had been downgraded without anyone telling me? I called
one day (probably with this very issue) only to learn that there was a 24/7
support package that had been created after we had bought the software and
our current support package meant that we would have to wait up to a day for
reply. I was forced to overpay to upgrade to the 24/7 package just to get
someone to call me back in two hours and half the time it seems that doesn't

Really, I will be a happy customer. I just don't want to loose any more
money from this program. We were assured when we bought the software nine
months ago that it was the finished version (that was 2.5.207) and that we
would not be beta testing it. That is why we spent over six grand on the
package. Yet here I am bringing problems to your attention. Can you
understand my frustration?

Charles Tomala
President - Olympia Networking Services
"Olympia's Premier Internet Service Provider"

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