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> >banghi wrote:
> >>
> >> Back on 2 Aug 99 around 16:37, Dale E. Reed Jr. passed on...:
> >> >
> >> > Can you give some specific example of dates and amounts that are
> >> > incorrect? Unless you give more details about the exact problem
> >> > that you are having, its hard for us to resolve it.
> >>
> >> Jeez Dale, you think you would have checked your own tech logs on
> >> this. I have mentioned this to Kurt, Sheryl and Shawn on a number of
> >
> >Just to clarify something here. I am not in support. I am in R&D and
> >the time I spend here is on my drive. Please lets keep this
> >professional
> >and leave the digs/comments out of the posts. :(
> >
> No disrespect intended (if I was dissing you, you would know), but quite
> honestly I did not expect a reply from you. Again I asked Shawn on last
> Friday to call me on Monday with what he had found out. I mentioned the
> problem on the list in order to bring it to the attention of others users
> only after no one called me as requested. If the program is not able to
> bill out for services properly I think this should be made known to
> using the software.
> >> occasions. If there are no 'specific example(s)' in your records I
> >> will be more than happy to provide them. I have a customer who had
> >> two services added on the first of July. That MBR was billed out
> >> through the 14th of August previously. When the two services were
> >> added you would think that they would have the services billed for
> >> approximately a month and a half. That is not the case. Instead a $3
> >> service was billed out for $.80 and the $45 service was charged out
> >> for $12.
> >
> >Ok. There does seem to be a problem with Emerald under prorating
> >the amount for terms two months or less. It works correctly when
> >the difference between the billedthru date of the MBR is two months
> >or more out from the current date. We are working on a fix for this.
> >
> I appreciate that you acknowledge this issue. I assume though that when
> get a fix for this or an upgrade there will be an announcement? <flame>Oh
> wait what am I thinking, you guys _never_ announce when you have a fix for
> our problems or a new version.</flame>
> Listen, I do like the software, I am used to the interface and I will be
> happy once the program does what we expect it to (like bill out for
> correctly). The support just leaves a bit to be desired. Others posts on
> this thread seem to confirm the frustration that we have felt.
> Must I say how aghast I was when I learned that our years worth of
> full tech support had been downgraded without anyone telling me? I called
> one day (probably with this very issue) only to learn that there was a
> support package that had been created after we had bought the software and
> our current support package meant that we would have to wait up to a day
> reply. I was forced to overpay to upgrade to the 24/7 package just to get
> someone to call me back in two hours and half the time it seems that
> happen.
> Really, I will be a happy customer. I just don't want to loose any more
> money from this program. We were assured when we bought the software nine
> months ago that it was the finished version (that was 2.5.207) and that we
> would not be beta testing it. That is why we spent over six grand on the
> package. Yet here I am bringing problems to your attention. Can you
> understand my frustration?
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