Re: [Emerald] Not pro-rateing new service properly

banghi ( (no email) )
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 20:43:14 +0000

Back on 2 Aug 99 around 16:37, Dale E. Reed Jr. passed on...:
> Can you give some specific example of dates and amounts that are
> incorrect? Unless you give more details about the exact problem
> that you are having, its hard for us to resolve it.

Jeez Dale, you think you would have checked your own tech logs on
this. I have mentioned this to Kurt, Sheryl and Shawn on a number of
occasions. If there are no 'specific example(s)' in your records I
will be more than happy to provide them. I have a customer who had
two services added on the first of July. That MBR was billed out
through the 14th of August previously. When the two services were
added you would think that they would have the services billed for
approximately a month and a half. That is not the case. Instead a $3
service was billed out for $.80 and the $45 service was charged out
for $12.

I had asked Shawn to follow up on this with me today when I spoke
with him on Friday. He is familiar with this problem and knows that
the first time I ever talked with him it was with this very issue.
We are more than happy to work with tech support to get this
resolved, but it does not appear to be a tech issue. It seems to be
one with how Emerald is computing the pro-rated amount.

Again I ask the list, is anyone else having this problem. We did not
recognize it until customers call inquiring about their billing.
Charles Tomala
President - Olympia Networking Services

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