[Emerald] Running Emerald Client from a File Server

Nathan Haywood ( nhaywood@whro.org )
Mon, 2 Aug 1999 21:00:34 -0400

Is there any problem running the entire Emerald client from a mapped
drive under Windows 95/98/NT? We have quite a few stations that are
running Emerald and, until our SMS packages are ready, it's a bit of a
hassle to keep updating all of them. Dale, or anyone else, should this

1. Install Emerald client machine FileServ to C:\Program Files\Emerald.
2. Share C:\Program Files\Emerald out as 'Emerald'
3. Install MDAC 2.1 (provides SQL libraries) on all the client machines
4. Map \\FileServ\Emerald to I: on the clients
5. Make icons to I:\Emerald.exe to execute the program.

Are there any files that actually have to go into the %WINDOWS% or
%WINSYS% directories?

Nathan Haywood
WHRO Systems Engineer

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