Re: [Emerald] E-Mailed Invoices

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 06 Jul 1999 14:20:40 -0700

Patti Raatz wrote:
> Is there a way to confirm when invoices were e-mailed and to whom? I have a
> customer that I have sent an invoice to on three separate occaisions, twice
> at his request because he has claimed not to have received any invoices.

Check the sent date of the invoice. That tells when it was

> I would like to know where I can find confirmation that these were indeed
> sent to him.

There isn't really a trail of them. Emerald only tracks the initial

> I am also wondering how one goes about setting up Limited Account time and
> billing for extra hours. Right now my limited accounts have unlimited
> access and I don't know how to make the program do what I want it to. I
> know it can be done but I am missing *something* in the process.

If you give more details on what you want, we can help. However, the
above is to generic. The Rates for billing are defined in the
Emerald Admin. I'm not sure if you mean limiting to x hours, or
limiting the time of day.

> Isn't Emerald supposed to show who is on-line and track customer usage? I
> can't seem to make these functions work either. One reason I would like to
> is I suspect a couple of accounts of abusing their unlimited account status
> by maintaining a constant connection. I've been pleasant in my requests
> that they refrain from doing so, they've been pleasant in claiming they
> aren't and I've got no way to prove that I know they are....know what I
> mean;-)

What kind of terminal server are you using? If you run RadiusNT in
-x15 debug mode, are you seeing accounting requests? (they will include
an Acct-Status-Type Attribute). If you go into that users's service to
the time on tab and enter a date period, does it show any calls?


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