Re: [Emerald] Some basic Emerald Questions

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 May 1999 09:34:58 -0700

Donn Lasher wrote:
> Forgive the ignorant question, but I've not seen good defined answers to these.
> 1. Emerald Admin: Database Maintence
> - What does "Check database" do? What does it check for?
> - What about "Update Calls"? "Update Database"?

Check database runs a consistency check on your SQL Server (its a check
that SQL Server does on itself) and also checks your identities and
statistics. You should do this once a week if you don't have it
scheduled as a task.

Update calls updates your calls table prior to a consolidation. Again,
you only need to d this if you don't have it scheduled as a task.

Update database is used to go from Emerald 2.1 to Emerald 2.5.

> 2. SQL Server: Emerald Database : Stored Procedures
> - What does "Trim Logs" do? When should I run it?
> - What does "Consolidation" do? I keep hearing about multiple-hour runs.
> - Is there a stored procedure to automatically trim the calls database
> after say 6months or 1 year?

In general, you should never use a stored procedure directly. They are
there for use by the programs.

Trim Logs is used by a schedule task to trim your RadLogs entries.

Consolidation is used by the pre-billing (charges) step.

No, but you could easily make one.

> 3. Emerald Admin: Servers: USR HyperArcs
> - Is there an SQL statement to get these ported right? Peter did one for us
> during the inital conversion, but we're adding more chassis all the time.


> BTW the "UST HyperArc" option gives an SQL when you chose it then save.

This has already been fixed.

> - What does it take to get the "online" tables right? I have 6 chassis
> working right, and 2 chassis auth'ing from Emerald, and logging to it, but
> the "online" tables are Waaaay wrong.

Run the above script after receiving calls for a while and it will
the correct ports.


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