Re: [Emerald] Some basic Emerald Questions

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 26 May 1999 12:55:50 -0400

At 09:07 AM 5/26/99 -0700, you wrote:

>Forgive the ignorant question, but I've not seen good defined answers to
>1. Emerald Admin: Database Maintence
>- What does "Check database" do? What does it check for?

Database inconsistencies are checked for -- IOW, database corruption.

>- What about "Update Calls"? "Update Database"?

These are rarely used -- they make sure that the STRUCTURE of the database
schema is correct for the current version. It runs an SQL script to add
tables and other structures that might be missing. You would use this
when upgrading from one version to the next. Multiple runs of it aren't
harmful, but are wasted time if the database structure is already current.

>- What does "Consolidation" do? I keep hearing about multiple-hour runs.
>- Is there a stored procedure to automatically trim the calls database
>after say 6months or 1 year?

Consolidation runs through your Calls table since the last Consolidation,
and determines if any customer's account needs to be billed for extra
hours. If none of your accounts are set up to bill extra time after "x"
hours, you probably don't need to Consolidate, though you ought to ANYWAY,
just in case you ever need to later. Those "hour long" runs are folks
who've never run a consolidation before, and are processing millions of
records in one fell swoop. If you run it just before a batch billing,
though, it takes scant seconds, and keeps everything up to date.

>- What does it take to get the "online" tables right? I have 6 chassis
>working right, and 2 chassis auth'ing from Emerald, and logging to it, but
>the "online" tables are Waaaay wrong.

How are they wrong? Are they partially wrong? Is ANYTHING correct in
them? Once you get them CORRECT (i.e. no "ghost" calls in them), they are
pretty much self-maintaining. If you have calls listed in the online table
that are NOT in fact online, you'll need to clear those calls. They are
likely in the way of concurrency control, and some users may not be able to
log on because RadNT will think they are already online (be virtue of being
in the Online table) when they really are not.

You must also take care to ensure that if oyu need to reboot RadNT, that
you make sure nobody logged off of a NAS while you were rebooting. The
Accounting STOP record won't reach Emerald, and the Online table won't
update. Don't reboot RadNT unless you just HAVE to.