[Emerald] Some basic Emerald Questions

Donn Lasher ( dlasher@bossig.com )
Wed, 26 May 1999 09:07:53 -0700

Forgive the ignorant question, but I've not seen good defined answers to these.

1. Emerald Admin: Database Maintence
- What does "Check database" do? What does it check for?
- What about "Update Calls"? "Update Database"?

2. SQL Server: Emerald Database : Stored Procedures
- What does "Trim Logs" do? When should I run it?
- What does "Consolidation" do? I keep hearing about multiple-hour runs.
- Is there a stored procedure to automatically trim the calls database
after say 6months or 1 year?

3. Emerald Admin: Servers: USR HyperArcs
- Is there an SQL statement to get these ported right? Peter did one for us
during the inital conversion, but we're adding more chassis all the time.
BTW the "UST HyperArc" option gives an SQL when you chose it then save.
- What does it take to get the "online" tables right? I have 6 chassis
working right, and 2 chassis auth'ing from Emerald, and logging to it, but
the "online" tables are Waaaay wrong.

Thanks for the time, and answers. If someone wants to answer me directly,
please do.

Donn Lasher - dlasher@bossig.com
Operations Manager
BOSS Internet Group