[Emerald] Serv-U v2.5a and Emerald

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sun, 16 May 1999 17:24:25 -0400

Here's the response I got from the author of Serv-U FTP regarding a question
I asked him about why Serv-U FTP 2.5a can't find the home directory when
using Emerald for external authentication. I do use UNC paths...:

From: Rob Beckers
>Are you using UNC paths for user's home directories? If so, that would
>explain the problem you're seeing. Serv-U does not handle UNC paths, never
>has. The Emerald DLL got away with using UNC paths in Serv-U due to a
>loophole in the server code, but with the inclusion of using Windows
>"shortcuts" as links in v2.5 this proved to cause the server to hang under
>certain conditions. I worked around this by changing the v2.5a code to
>explicitely look for and block UNC paths in v2.5a.
>Until Serv-U is changed to support UNC paths I don't have a solution for
>you, unfortunately. Going back to an earlier version would be your only
>option. Changing the server to support UNC paths is in the planning but
>will take a while before it will show up in the release version due to the
>many changes that is going to require.

><hillman@talstar.com> wrote:
>> I just installed 2.5a over 2.5 and noticed that while using external
>> authentication (and directory path), 2.5a authenticates correctly, but it
>> cannot find the user's home directory. If I swap out the new 2.5a exe
>> file with 2.5 exe file, users are able to log in without any problems
>> (authenticates and finds the home directory).
>> ClientCheckDLL1=c:\progra~1\Emerald\emer_su.dll
>> emer_su.dll is issued by IEA Software (http://www.iea-software.com) for
>> use with the Emerald system.