[Emerald] Mailsite. Password changing.

david leigh ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 May 1999 00:35:34 +0800

Up until now things have been quiet while everyone is thinking about my
problem, and people check their logs to see if they've ever been affected by
this problem.

I'm sure that the people at IEA have also by now worked it out and are just
keeping quiet to build up to the requisite level of expectancy. :)

Still, I would appreciate knowing if in the four days I've been posting it
someone has seen this message.

David Leigh
>>Hi All
>>We are using version 2.5.263 Emerald and 3.3.1 Rockliffe Mailsite.
>>When I try and use the Rockliffe 'change password' on a database (ie
>>emerald) account it responds with
>>Cannot Set mailbox password
>>Error: 0xE110ffff
>>Mailbox Manager Error
>>Invalid character value for cast specification
>>State:22005,Native:0,Origin:[Microsoft]{ODBC SQL Server Driver]
>>Is this the result of a bad dll in Rockliffe or is the
>>ChangeMailUserPassword stored procedure on emerald broken, or is it
>>something else altogether?
>>David Leigh