Re: [Emerald] TS Graph not working

Greg Hastings ( (no email) )
Thu, 6 May 1999 13:11:51 -0700

> The license being referred to here is not your Emerald license, but
> the runtime license for the graph control that Emerald is using.
> When you install Emerald, it installs run-time licenses for several
> controls that it installs and uses. You might try re-installing
> Emerald over your current one to see if it can re-install the runtime
> license for that control.

Tried reinstalling over the top. That didn't work. But, unstalling, removing
all the files which were reported as shared, and then reinstalling Emerald
did work.

> Also, do you have any development applications on the machine? Usually
> this problem arises between Emerald and another application trying to
> register different licenses for that control (say the VB learning kit
> that
> installs a development only version of the license).

I have Delphi, which doesn't use VB, but I think it has a couple of bundled
components which might. That could be the source of the problem, because I
installed Delphi after Emerald on the new server.

Thanks for the help,