Re: [Emerald] TS Graph not working

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 06 May 1999 10:41:57 -0700

Greg Hastings wrote:
> I just upgrade the hardware of the NT server I use to administer our
> subscribers accounts using the Emerald client software (version 2.5.261).
> This required that I install a fresh copy of the Emerald Client on the new
> server.
> The TS Graph function was working fine on the old installation. on this
> installation it doesn't work. If I click the "TS Graph" button on the
> toolbar, nothing happens.
> If I use the menu selection "Tools/TS Graph" I get an Emerald runtime error
> 429 "you do not have the appropriate license to use this function".
> The Emerald database, running on a different NT server on SQL Server is
> unchanged. The correct license key still appears when using the Emerald
> Administrator software. And if I use the Emerald client software located on
> the SQL Server machine, TS Graph functions fine from there. But it doesn't
> work on any other workstation (which in this case, is an NT Server).

The license being referred to here is not your Emerald license, but
the runtime license for the graph control that Emerald is using.
When you install Emerald, it installs run-time licenses for several
controls that it installs and uses. You might try re-installing
Emerald over your current one to see if it can re-install the runtime
license for that control.

Also, do you have any development applications on the machine? Usually
this problem arises between Emerald and another application trying to
register different licenses for that control (say the VB learning kit
installs a development only version of the license).


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