Re: [Emerald] Two Easy Questions

Jeff Woods ( )
Thu, 06 May 1999 13:35:49 -0400

At 11:01 AM 5/6/99 -0400, you wrote:

>2) Our call history consolidation works (and has always worked) very
>quickly. We have 1000MBR's and still, weekly consolidation takes only 5
>minutes or so. GREAT!!!!! But when we check to see how much time a user
>has used during the last month, it takes over a minute for the information
>to appear on the screen on the TimeOn tab. Is there something I can do to
>make the TimeOn function work more quickly?

Let SQL have more RAM. By default, SQL server only gets 16 MB of RAM, even
if the box has hundreds of megs. If you give it enough to cache your
entire Emerald database, these queries will be nearly instantaneous, since
they'll be done in RAM, not from a hard drive....

In SQL EM, right-click on the SQL server, and go to CONFIGURE.

Click on the "Configuration" tab.

Go down to MEMORY, where you'll see that very little is allocated. Up
this to about 64MB *less* than is currently in your NT box. i.e. if you
have 128 MB of RAM, make this number 32768, meaning 64 MB of RAM is
available to SQL server, up from 16 MB. Hint: If you cannot make enough
room for the ENTIRE Emerald database in the RAM you have, under these
guidelines, add more RAM.

Now go down to "tempDB in RAM" on the same page, and make this match the
above (again, addimg more RAM if needed).

Shut down and restart SQL server. Your FIRST query will be as slow as
normal, but after that, they'll smoke.

Be sure to leave enough available RAM for other tasks on the box, such as
RadiusNT and the NTOS kernel. Use Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) to view how
much available physical RAM is left after these changes, and be sure to
leave a margin for error. If you start swapping to disk, you'll slow back

Again, ADD MORE RAM. NT loves RAM, and SQL loves it even more. If you've
got less than 256 MB of RAM on your SQL box, then you're probably a
candidate for upgrading it.

If you're trying to run a mail server, or a web server, etc, on the same
box -- don't. Dedicate a fast, RAM-padded box to SQL and RadiusNT, and
make the above changes. Wow. What a difference.