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Sheryl D. Stover ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 13:59:43 -0800


Usually an invoice will not print if it has a "sent" date already inserted.
Most commonly this is because you e-mail some invoices and not others, and
the e-mail process (if performed first) will give the invoice a sent date.
Another problem may be that the user is marked as an auto-paying credit card
customer. Check to see if their send method is e-mail or if Credit Card
Autobill is set to 1.

As a rule: Emerald will not automatically print invoices with a sent date
already defined, invoices for a credit card customer with Autobill set to 1,
or a zero or credit balance invoice.

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: A couple accounts aren't getting invoices printed and are having to be
:printed manually. Any ideas on what to check?
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