Re: [Emerald] Invoices not getting created.....

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 16:13:13 -0500

From: Robert H. Clugston <>
> A couple accounts aren't getting invoices printed and are having to be
>printed manually. Any ideas on what to check?

I can think of a couple situations that this would happen (if you're doing
batch-printing only):

1. The invoice was created on a day other than the one you're typing in the
batch-printing area.
2. The invoice was created by clicking on the Invoice button in an MBR
(where you can manually enter in items, descriptions, amounts, etc.) In
this case, Invoices.Type='Invoice' instead of the typical 'Renewal'. As far
as I know, when batch-printing invoices, it only prints invoices of
Type='Renewal' (can't remember if it includes Voided invoices or not).


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