[Emerald] Imail DLL

david leigh ( (no email) )
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 05:31:13 +0800

Hi All

Recently a new DLL for Imail 5.0 was added to the IEA FTP site under the
unsupported directory.

I greatly appreciate Dale's efforts in writing it and understand it is 'AS

1)I'm not asking here for 'official support' - I just wanted to know if
anyone has managed to get this going in a production environment. If so,
could you please contact me via a private email as I'd like to check some
settings the documentation is a little sparse on.
2)Alternatively, if IEA is able to offer **chargeable** support on this then
I'm happy to pay through the nose to get this going. Again, a private email
indicating yea or nea would be most appreciated.

David Leigh

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