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Sheryl D. Stover ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 14:04:18 -0800


Usually the default domain will not delete if a user has that domain
somewhere (it could be an inactive or test account). You can edit the "ISP"
domain to be your domain instead of to take care of anyone having
that problem.

If the send method is Postal Mail, it will not make a difference whether
"send bill" is checked for the service or not - it should still print unless
it meets one of the criteria in my previous message. However, the "send
bill" flag is important since you can always e-mail a quick copy of an
invoice to a customer by hitting the "mail" icon while the invoice is
selected, even if the MBR's default send method is Postal Mail. If you use
this feature, you should doublecheck which services are sent the bill just
in case you need to e-mail a copy.

If you are experiencing problems with this, please include the version of
the client you are using so we can investigate further.

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Subject: [Emerald] Deleteing Domain

: I'm having a problem deleting the default DOMAIN ISP in emerald admin.
:domain is causing problems when sending out e-mail invoices (it's appending
:the domain to empty services.)
: Also, I'm a little confused. When send bill is checked and the Send Method
:is Postal Mail when you e-mail batch does invoice get send to that account
:via e-mail? Does this mark the invoice as sent?
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