Re: [Emerald] Applying payments

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 21:14:24 -0800

Ed Kuchar wrote:
> We are evaluating 2.5.236 to determine if it is stable enough for us to
> upgrade. In testing, I created a situation and wonder if there is
> something we have set wrong. What I did was apply a $1 payment to a $15
> invoice and the expire date advanced by the billing period (1 month). Then
> we billed the next period. After that, we applied another $1 payment to
> the original invoice (that has a balance of $14) and the expire date
> advanced another month. Is there a way to prevent the expire from
> advancing (from the second invoice) until the first invoice is completely
> paid?
> This is different from the previously fixed problem that advanced the
> expire date when multiple payments were applied to a single invoice. This
> situation requires a second invoice to be created.

When you pay an Invoice, Emerald sets the expiration date to the end of
the last non-voided invoice for the customer. We are working on true
aging reports for the payments that will allow the expiredate to be
set to the last paid invoice. However, because of the change to
a balance forward billing engine, the way to determine what the last
fully paid invoice was has changed and is no longer a trivial SQl
command like it was.

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