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Okay, I understand now. I presume that IEA's RadiusNT think that our
authentication request is actually a PPP login, thus causing problems. We'll
have to see if there is a way to bypass this (beside turning concurrency
checking off or using our Radius Server). One thing, if you are using
RadiusNT against an ACCESS database, then you could use VOPMAIL's ODBC
interface instead of RADIUS authentication and that would fix your problem
with concurrency.


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> Thanks Richard and all those who responded. I have joined the list. The
> problem I am having is not exactly one with VOP Mail it is just in the
> combination of it with IEA's RadiusNT with concurency turned on.
> The Radius
> server doesn't care where the request comes from, the NAS or VOP, it just
> allows 1 person to log in with a user name and sends a deny to all others.
> Since the customer is logged on, when he checks his mail and VOP sends a
> request to radiusNT for auth. it is then denied. the only "cure"
> is to turn
> off concurency or to set login limit to 2 This of course defeats the
> purpose.
> again Thanks for the help.