Re: [NTISP Digest]

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 13:43:05 -0700

Sylvain Durocher wrote:
> Okay, I understand now. I presume that IEA's RadiusNT think that our
> authentication request is actually a PPP login, thus causing problems. We'll
> have to see if there is a way to bypass this (beside turning concurrency
> checking off or using our Radius Server). One thing, if you are using
> RadiusNT against an ACCESS database, then you could use VOPMAIL's ODBC
> interface instead of RADIUS authentication and that would fix your problem
> with concurrency.

Using RADIUS to authenticate mail requests is using RADIUS for something
it was not designed to do. The mail package should be hitting the
not the RADIUS server.

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