Re: Missing Credit Card in Batch

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 10:12:43 -0700

Alan D. Criado wrote:
> Using Emerald 2.2.38
> We seem to be missing some of our valid customer's credit cards when doing
> a batch job for them.
> We have customers with good CC numbers, who are due to be invoiced and have
> their credit cards charge. Yet when when create the batch invoicing for
> them, they are being left out and their credit cards are not getting charged.
> 1. Anyone know what could be cause this?

Make sure they pay method is CC and that they have the Auto Bill option
checked in the credit card section.

> 2. Do we need to have incremental batch checked off in the Emerald Client
> Preferences? (currently it is not)


> 3. Is there anything they we should have checked in the Emerald Client
> Preferences?

If its billing some of your customers, then the client config is
Most likely its a problem with the config of those cutomers that
wont bill.

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