Re: Missing Credit Card in Batch

Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 12:43:02 -0400

>Using Emerald 2.2.38
>We seem to be missing some of our valid customer's credit cards when doing
>a batch job for them.
>We have customers with good CC numbers, who are due to be invoiced and have
>their credit cards charge. Yet when when create the batch invoicing for
>them, they are being left out and their credit cards are not getting
>1. Anyone know what could be cause this?

Check you dates. You will have to change to date at the end of last mo.
to pick up the charges.
>2. Do we need to have incremental batch checked off in the Emerald Client
>Preferences? (currently it is not)
Are you doing incremental batch, if so yes. But there is a bug in some
that that will not stick and you have to go to the regisrty to fix.

>3. Is there anything they we should have checked in the Emerald Client

No just do a couple of dates and make sure that there in not an
outstanding/unpaid invoice.
>Thank you.