Re: Emerald would not issue a Renewal-Invoice

Mohammed Ersan ( (no email) )
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 19:03:38 +0300

<excerpt>Does the customer's MBR have the "Active" box checked?

Are there ANY services with the "Active" box checked, associated with the





If the above both answer yes....

Does this customer have ANY other invoices outstanding? Go to the
INVOICES tab, put the user's name or login there, and UNCHECK "Unpaid
only invoices". Click SEARCH. All past invoices for the customer
should show up. (If they don't, you typed int he login or name
incorrectly -- try again until the old invoices show up -- I'm assuming
there are prior invoices, not a new customer).

Once the invoice list is up, THEN put a check on "Show unpaid invoices
only". Do NOT hit CLEAR before doing this.

Click search again.

If any invoices remain in the list, they must be PAID prior to Emerald
creating a NEW invoice for that customer.


No there aren't any Unpaid invoices for this customer


<center>M. Ersan