Re: Just a quickie!

S.K. de Graaf ( (no email) )
Thu, 7 May 1998 20:17:14 +0000

> >> I have a single P-200 running SQL, RadiusNT, and Emerald. The Web server (a
> >> P-166) has the SQL client on it, running RadiusNT also. It updates its
> >> USERS file automatically every few hours, using the program furnished by
> >> Emerald Software so it can act as a backup to the main machine.
> >^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> >Can someone tell me where I can find in the docs how to setup this
> >secondary system?
> >
> A friend who is very conversant with SQL set this up for me. We use the
> RADUSERS program from Emerald to read the database and create a USERS.WRK
> file. The batch file (running from the AT scheduler) then uses the FIND
> command to see if the file is valid, then renames USERS.WRK to USERS. This
> step is very important, as RADUSERS will create a useless file if it can't
> connect properly to the SQL server (and it won't be able to if it's really
> needed!) (think about it)
> If the NAS can't contact the primary machine, it simply falls through to
> the secondary box (Web server in our case) and gets its authentications
> from there. This causes a slight delay, but the users are still able to log
> on, albeit with no logging during this period.
> Dunno how much is in the docs about this, probably not much. It's mostly
> just a matter of using the RADUSERS program, running on a second machine
> that can read the main SQL database through a client installation on that
> second machine. Like much of Emerald, it assumes that you know something
> about SQL
thanks I will look into this..

greetings sikko de graaf>