Just a quickie!

Unknown ( (no email) )
Thu, 7 May 98 01:45 IST

I've got a simple question that I'm sure someone has asked before. . .

Q: Is it advisable to run SQL & Radius on the same machine?

I've got:

1. P2-266 w/4gb scsi + 256Ram ---> Proxy Server (RH Linux)
2. P2-266 w/4gb scsi + 128Ram ---> Email In/Out (RH Linux)
3. P2-266 w/4gb scsi + 128Ram ---> 1st RadiusNT + WWW + Cold Fusion +
4. P2-266 w/4gb scsi + 128Ram ---> 2nd RadiusNT + SQL + Emerald + DNS2 (NT)

Does the above look ok, or is it better to run the primary Radius Server on the
same machine as the SQL(would there be a heavy traffic load between the primary
Radius Server and the SQL server, or am I being a little too paranoid?)