Re: Setup problems (RadiusNT, SQL Server, ISPAdmin)

Mike Noel ( )
Fri, 10 Apr 1998 16:22:47 -0700

Thanks to everyone who helped me figure out the problems. Here's a
followup posting of what finally worked, just in case some of you are
working with this problem now. I guess it will go in the archive too.
These steps are not mentioned in the RadiusNT v2.2 documentation that I had
(June 22, 1997).

First of all, I had to change the ODBC SQL Driver from version 3.5 to
version 2.5. I got the 2.5 from the IEA Software ftp site. I don't know
if a higher version would have worked. Dale, you suggested v2.65 but I
didn't look around for it.

When I had the version 3.5 SQL driver installed, the ODBC control panel
continued to have no problem connecting to the DSN. The problem seemed to
be when RadiusNT tried to use the DSN.

One more thing on installing the new driver. For some reason, I had to
delete the Radius DSN I had already created (before installing 2.5) and add
it in again.

Once the new (v2.5) driver was installed the "Check Connection" button in
the ODBC Security tab of RadiusNT returned successfully.

A quick side note: right after installing the driver the check button still
didn't work. It turned out to be a spelling error... I discovered this by
using the MS Query tool (start --> program --> sql server --> MS QUERY).
It prompted me for a DSN and username and password. At this point it gave
an error and showed the mispelling (Thanks Ken French!!!) I fixed that and
then the check button worked.

Next I tried "radius -x15" from a dos window. This still failed with an
error message similar to what I had seen earlier.

I still hadn't obtained a license from IEA so I contacted their office.
Sure enough, they could send me and eval license (no charge). I added that
to the database and then everything worked. :-)

One more little thing, the system seemed to be looking for a table called
"Liscenses" instead of "Licenses". The setup documentation also has this
spelling and at first I thought it was a typo but it seemed to work. I
guess this is the spelling to use.

Thanks again for the help.