Re: Setup problems (RadiusNT, SQL Server, ISPAdmin)

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 21:17:54 -0700

Mike Noel wrote:
> Ok. After learning a bit about SQL Server I've managed to create all the
> necessary (and optional) tables in the database that the DSN is looking
> for. I have not populated the tables with any data but I don't think
> that's necessary for this step. When I try the "Check" button again I
> still get the "Check Connection Failed" error.

The other thing you might look at is permissions. If you still can't
figure it out, using SQL trace to find out what RadiusNT admin is sending
to check the database.

> I've received a couple of emails stating that RadiusNT doesn't work with
> the version 3.5 SQL drivers. Is this true? Maybe this is the problem.

Could be. I typically recommend the SQL Server 2.65 driver, over the
3.5 driver.

> I know that I don't have any license. I'll contact the sales dept tomorrow
> during business hours. I suppose that I should put this in the Licenses
> table?


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