Re: Setup problems (RadiusNT, SQL Server, ISPAdmin)

Mike Noel ( )
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 20:34:45 -0700

>> problem is when I click "Check". It returns a dialog box that says: "Check
>> Connection Failed".
>The check not only checks the connectivity, but also that the MasterAccounts
>and SubAccounts tables exists (and are accessable). Do those tables exist
>in the database?

Ok. After learning a bit about SQL Server I've managed to create all the
necessary (and optional) tables in the database that the DSN is looking
for. I have not populated the tables with any data but I don't think
that's necessary for this step. When I try the "Check" button again I
still get the "Check Connection Failed" error.

I've received a couple of emails stating that RadiusNT doesn't work with
the version 3.5 SQL drivers. Is this true? Maybe this is the problem.

>> Making ODBC Connection...
>> Error Initializing License Information
>Also check to see if the Liscenses table exists and you have an eval
>license or permanent license. That will help quite a bit. Sales can
>get you the eval license.

I know that I don't have any license. I'll contact the sales dept tomorrow
during business hours. I suppose that I should put this in the Licenses

And finally, has anyone had any experience using RadiusNT with either ISP
Admin or ISP Register from Hurlnet?