Radlog files in Emerald/SQL

Majordomo@essex1.com ( (no email) )
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 11:17:06 -0600

We have been using RadiusNT with Access97 for a while now. Except for an
occasional lockup is works great (the locks seem to be database/odbc related).
We are thinking about changing over to SQL and Emerald. After looking at
the Emerald download we have a couple of questions.
Does Emerald have any way of looking at the Radius log file? I notice the
SQL version of RadLog does not seem to have a 'Data' field like our Access
version. Since a very large percentage of all our tech calls turn out to be
misspelled usernames and passwords we have to have access to this database.
I can setup Access to see this table, but if it doesn't list what our user
is entering for their password it won't be nearly as useful. Is there
anyway to add this field?
What is the best way of exporting data from Access 97 to the Emerald SQL
tables? I've seen this covered before in this group (I think), but I can't
find it when I search back through my mailbox.

Thanks :)
Russ Laughlin
Essex Computers
Sterling, IL